simpin’ hard tonight even though i just saw you yesterday. idgaf tho. you make me happy and im so much better when you’re around. <3 

but really.. i just miss you all the time.

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the most irreplaceable person in my life. <3

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Tamia - So Into You

throwback, but its this kinda day. <3

Cowles Mountain back route hike with the boyfriend and then a late lunch by the lake. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

first time at sprinkles cupcakes. got red velvet, coconut (for noel), strawberry (for my sister), and milk chocolate.
&the bros christmas party with the boyfriend.

i GUUUESSSS this makes up for him not being here for Christmas. hah.

be with a man who can cook. you’ll never go hungry. (:

how we spent ONE DAY of our amazing week:
dinner at island prime in harbor island. 

i’ve learned that our relationship just keeps growing and there’s nothing bad about it. it just shows that i have so much to learn about my boyfriend and that everything just takes time and patience. we’re not perfect, we never were.. but we’re in love with each other, and that’s really all that matters. i truly am blessed.

Some people fall in love then stop believing in it. Others remind themselves why they held on for so long. We may not always have the right things to say to each other, and we may have our many differences, but nothing’s going to change how he’s always made me feel.

nothing ordinary about the way i feel,
nothing un-extraordinary this is real.
dont need to reach for the stars,
happy here on earth in our beautiful ordinary life
i love my beautiful ordinary life with you. 

feels like i’m in love; atleast thats how i see it.

because he’s still capable of making me smile.. in the smallest ways possible.

cause i really do love him. (=

my biggest and best supporter. <3



this is noel.

i’ve known him ever since he had spiky hair with a tail, wore basketball shorts and a big tee everyday, and had an addiction to shoes. when i told him i got my period for the first time, he was prouder than my mom was and he told everyone in ms. wongs class in the morning. we used to talk on the phone and email eachother on AOL because we were lame. i liked him a lot in middle school. he made me laugh. i didnt talk to him very much when he went to high school. during his sophomore year, i was in his math class because i was a nerd.. sorta. he’d crawl through the tables and sit next to me while coach mac was doing his horrible math lectures. noel gave me my first “tattoo” on my leg. i spent the summer of my pre-junior year becoming best friends with noel at sdsu upward bound. i remember on the first day having to sit next to him and wondering what the hell was going to happen. i became this guy’s wingman. -_- HAH. but ended up liking him all over again. i spent 6 weeks, sometimes including weekends with him. school started and he ended up in my ap stats class. he’d walk me to some of my classes, even if he ditched half of his. i’d make posters outside of asb just to see him not paying attention in ginaang’s filipino class. december 6, 2009 he asked me out. we’ve been through hell and back. i’ve done some horrible things and i’ve lost track of how many times he’s made me cry. its been 2 years, 2 months, and in a couple minutes.. 20 days into our crazy relationship.. and he still makes me laugh the same way he did in seventh grade.

he’s nothing short of amazing and im blessed, everyday, to have him in my life.


aint no lovin’ like the one i got.